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Meals on Wheels Changing lives, striving towards a hunger free South Africa
Meals on Wheels Community Service Changing Lives 

MOWCSNC in De Aar Meet Siyana Louw who lives in De Aar. She and her two sisters are currently unemployed and struggling to get work.

She is the eldest of her two sisters and has to look after them because their parents are deceased after becoming ill. She says that MOWCS NC helps them a lot by providing their service in De Aar, she is very happy with the food as well as the service because it’s the only food they receive. Thank you to Meals on Wheels Community Services in De Aar for doing a great job.

Jazelles Story Nov 2016 This is Jazelle Smit and she resides in Ritchie. When she was a baby, just 3 months old, she got hurt in her right eye and she says she is living with only one lung. 

She also added that sometimes she has to be admitted to hospital twice a month.

She is unemployed, therefore, she is very grateful for the service that Meals on Wheels Community Service Northern Cape provides in Ritchie because then she knows that her son has had a meal and that she has food in her system as well in order for her to take her medication.